Seo agus Siud Edition 9     May 2020           

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Main Page Seo agus Siud Page1 Page2 page3 Page4 page5 page6 page7

Page 6

It is springtime and birds are nesting everywhere. Below are links to webcams inside 3 birdboxes. One in Wigan in England and 2 in Recke in Germany. They are all of bluetits and the birds are currently sitting on their eggs.

You can check in each day to watch the progress. The eggs should hatch in a few days and then you can watch the mother flying in and out to feed them.

You may need to click a second time on the Youtube video when it opens in order to start the live broadcast.

The owners of these birdboxes welcome viewers.

Cocooning Birds

Other things to muse over as you spend more times indoors. Some you may have seen before

Bird Nest in Wigan UK

Bird Nest in Germany 1

Bird Nest in Germany 2

We would like to produce another issue of Seo agus Siud in the near future and would be very happy to include any contributions and/or suggestions to inform, to inspire or make us smile. Please send any suggestions or contributions to Barbara.

For those who enjoy watching wild life below is a link to another webcam from the Makov Animal Rescue Centre in the Czech Republic.  Here you can observe a continuous visitation of wild birds to the feeding basket. with occasional visits from two squirrels. There is also a deer roaming about and a few large ducks.