Seo agus Siud Edition 6     June 2019            

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On behalf of all the Sisters of St Louis, both present and absent, I am delighted to have the opportunity to speak to you for a few minutes.  On an occasion like this, what can I say?  My heart feels very full – full of memories, full of sadness and grief, full of pride, full of humility, - but most of all full of gratitude to you the people of Ramsgrange and the surrounding areas.  You are and have been wonderful to us.  There is no way that the Sisters of St Louis could have been so happy and so effective in their ministry, in this area, were it not for the great welcome, acceptance and co-operation you, and your ancestors before you, extended to the Sisters over the past, almost 150 years.  Thank you.  Go raibh míle maith agaibh.

Scripture tell us that there is a Season for Everything and how apt this truth is, - as we reflect on the presence of the Sisters of St Louis in Ramsgrange and the surrounding areas of Duncannon, Ballyhack and Shielbaggan, Ballycullane.  The first 60-80 years was, in a sense, the building up season, - despite the hard times and the lack of resources, especially near the beginning, the sky was the limit.  Things started small and one initiative led to another, as the Sisters listened to the needs of the local people and responded as best they could.  These “expansion” years were followed by many years of consolidation – years of great energy/activity and successful and effective work.  All good!  

The past 10-15 years have brought a different season – a quieter time for most of the Sisters – a time of presence and prayer among the wider community - a time of gradually moving towards being the receivers, rather than the givers of care and love – a time of and for gradually letting go.  This present time is not an easy one for any Sister of St Louis.  It is especially difficult for the 4 sisters who have most recently formed community here – Annuncia, Mary, Paschalina and Stephen.  But they are good women.  We are praying for you -  that the love and support with which you are being showered, will carry you through the next chapter of your lives - as you each adjust to what will be a very different reality.  Letting go and moving away from “home” never gets easy.  

Other than by our prayer we are at a loss to know how we can thank you.  But, as a tiny token of our gratitude we have prepared a booklet which encapsulates some of the story/history of the SSLs in Ramsgrange.  After Mass, the altar servers will be offering you, one for each household in the locality.  

I know and trust that it has been very good for us, Sisters of St Louis, to gather here with you for this Pentecost Eucharist, today.  Thank you to you, Bishop Dennis, Frs Brian, Don and Tom and each person who contributed to today’s beautiful Eucharistic liturgy.  It will be a precious and nourishing memory for us, in the days, weeks, months and years ahead.     

As we move forward from today we do so with confidence.  We ask you to pray for us, the Sisters of St Louis – pray that we will continue to be faithful to what and where God is calling us – no matter how painful and difficult this might be.  On our part we want to assure you that just because we are moving to another moment, beginning a new chapter, does not mean that you will be forgotten.  Be assured that we will continue to pray for you and your families.  Indeed, today’s feast of Pentecost provides us with rich and encouraging hints of what our prayer for you might be.  

So thank you so much to you the people of Ramsgrange and beyond and may the very precious gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit be with each of you, and with your families, in abundance.

Uainín’s Address at the Mass

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