Seo agus Siud April 2019            

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Our Recently Deceased Sisters

Sr Ursula 'Keeffe
1924 - 2018

Sr Brianan McGinn
1934 - 2018

Sr Monica Lindon
1941 - 2018

Thank you to all our Sisters for your supportive letters, words and prayer when our sister Maeve died. The family appreciated your presence at the wake and funeral, and your many kind expressions of sympathy. Mass will be offered for your intentions.

                                                                     Deirdre & Fionnuala O’Hanlon

Dear Sisters, 

The Loreto Sisters and  the Hickey family wish to thank you most sincerely for your warm expression of sympathy on the death of Sr. Nora. Your Mass cards, letters, visits, prayers and kind thoughts have been a great support and source of comfort to us all. The holy sacrifice of the Mass has been offered for your intentions.

                                                                    Gratefully, Loreto Hickey

I wish to thank all who sympathized with me on the deaths of my brother, Brian and my sister, Mena.  I do appreciate all the support I received during this difficult time-those who attended their homes and funeral, sent Masses, those who sent sympathy cards and letters-all was much appreciated.  Thank You.          Maura Dempsey  

Evening in Dromantine

Twilight time
A blush-pink sky
Splendid trees of varying heights
And shades of green

A mighty oak, given space to grow
Has spread way out far

Two rabbits scamper up a slope
Trees, shrubs reflected in the lake
Utterly still

Two swans glide companionably
Reluctant to leave the peace
Lowering their heads now and then
Joining with all around
In praise of our Creator.

                     Dympna O’Daly

A Story from Marian McGreal

The following story was recalled by Catherine McManus nee Conlon, a Bundoran native who lived her married life in Enniskillen.

The St Louis Convent in Bundoran had a very positive influence in my upbringing and way of life. This influence came through a special person – Sr. Juliana Culhane

She made children like myself loved and cared for.  My father died during difficult times, on my 7th birthday.  I didn’t know or understand where he was as in those days children were kept in the dark. Going to school and seeing Sr. Juliana was looked forward to.  She would lift me up and wrap her long skirt around me.  I was very tiny and thin so the skirt would wrap around me several times as we sat up at the fire.  Her big beads would rattle but that didn’t frighten me.

Her class was special; in the afternoon she would say, ‘now cailini, put your head on the desk and have a little sleep.’  After that year we were all moved on, but school was never the same.  How could it be with an angel like her as a teacher.

For many years I used to visit Sr Juliana to try and give her some of the caring she so generously had given to me.

Next Edition

The next edition of Seo agus Siud will have the list of this years Jubilarians. We also hope to have memories of Carrickmacross and an account by Anne McCourt of her activities.  We would be grateful for all contributions and accounts

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