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On March 30th 2019 Sr Marie Josephine Kelly celebrated her 100th Birthday

Seo agus Siud wishes her a very happy birthday


To be present at a 100th birthday party, is for most of us a rare and privileged experience. It is a truly wonderful milestone that calls for a special celebration, which was exactly what we shared in the Castle Golf Club in Rathfarnham  last Saturday evening. Eithne Woulfe had generously put many hours of preparation into the planning for and realization of this marvellous evening, all of which Joey totally appreciated. We were wined and dined, on the most delicious food and drink and raised a toast to the Lady of the Day - Joey.

The Lunch Venue

The Arrival of the Guest of Honour

 Birthday Greetings from All Present

The Birthday Cake was designed and baked by Eithne in the shape of an opened book. The amazing colour and design was much admired, and it seemed a pity to cut into this work of art, created by Barbara McArdle and Marie Byrne, but cut into it we did. It was delicious immensely enjoyed by all.

 The Cake

Selection of Guests with the Lady of the Day

Gathered together were about 90 people  to remember the long and wonderful life that Joey had spent among us . . . including family and friends, teaching colleagues and past students alongside relatives, from three and four  generations of her family. Joey was looking just lovely and seemed to be relishing every minute of the few hours we spent together, and surprise and gratitude were written on her gentle face. I was reminded of the quote of Ralph Waldo Emerson, “As we grow old, the beauty steals inward” and that was clear to us all.

The kind and gracious speeches were a tribute to a long life well spent, bringing back many happy memories of earlier days in Wexford, to Joey and her family. Her St Louis family were also generous in appreciation of the immense happiness, love and joy that Joey brought with her wherever she went, over her long life. Perhaps the spontaneous rendition of   “Quid Retribuam” which filled the room in a prayerful, profound and gentle sound,  was our greatest tribute to the woman we were celebrating.  It reminded me that her words to many of us as we leave her room in Kiltipper, is always an expression of gratitude . . . she is grateful to all of us for moments we share with her . . . and grateful to God for his life-long goodness to her.  
Go mba fada buan tú, Joey!        Méabh Ni Uallacháin

Further Selection of  Guests

(all that we have photos for)

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