Seo agus Siud  Edition 11 June 2021                   

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Marion McGreal was inspired to to entertain us with a verse account of her recent visit to the Mater Hospital.


Receptionist points the way,

To the right; to the lift

Not sure I have her drift.

Where is that lift?

Third floor she said

I hit button three, the lift climbs

You’re now at floor 3 it said

If only I had a bed.

A nurse comes to the door

All eyes lift from the floor.

She calls, ‘George, please this way

To silent John I say

You’ll be next you’ll see

Really hoping it will be me.

By now I know the colour of every shoe

As I watch them two by two.

The phones begin to ping

Yes, I’m waiting; no not yet,

John you’ll be next I bet.

A second nurse looks down at me

Come along to Ward Three.

Another cubicle, curtains close me in

Date of birth, someone to collect you

Yes, I say, there will be two.

The coloured wrist bands are put on

The silver trolley rolls along

Shining needles, coloured tubes

Line the shelf, ready for use.

The phlebotomist looks at me

Which arm would you like she says

None of them if I had my ways

It’s difficult I say, she heeds me not

The silver needle finds the spot.

Back to the perspex room again,

We’ll call you later the nurse said

If only I had any kind of bed.

Next to the Day Ward I go

Get on your hospital gown I’m told

It seemed to me like front to back

Pack up your day clothes in this sack.

Tony, the porter smiles

Come with me, be careful on the tiles.

Lift to the next floor

We go in a double door.

Please sit here and wait

We are running a bit late.

A blue gowned medic comes along

Syringe in hand, I protest

I had my bloods done I say

This is for a canulla today.

Blood pressure is up a little bit

So don’t move, just sit.

Now come with me to this big room

Stretchers, monitors and scalpels loom.

A gowned doctor first appears

I’m your surgeon, I’m Niall I hear.

Step up, lay flat, stretch down

Says the nurse in the blue gown.

Anaesthetic given, all follow the text

Don’t know what happened next .

I wake to hear it all went well

I’m not sure, how could I tell.

Tea is coming down my way.

Please hurry, don’t delay.

Tony and trolley trundle down

I’m on board, dressed in my gown.

Another cubicle waits for me

Complete with green sack I see.

A nurse says, rest and have some tea

She puts dressings in a package for me.

Dress now, you may go home,

 I’ll walk you to the car

I’ll carry your bag, it’s a bit far.

Hospitals are such caring places

Where one sees some troubled faces.

Staff so busy on the floor,

Pope Francis named them,

“The Saints Next Door”.