Seo agus Siud  Edition 10 April 2021            

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Silent desolate you seem to lie, in solitary isolation,
Deep in forest quiet,
Welcoming the few who now gather.
You unchanging, alone, we so changed by a year’s migration.
Days, weeks slipping by unnoticed.
And you, Rock, with only the trees for company in
Winter’s coldness- beckoning us.
Your memories?
Remind us in these days of fullness, what you have known.
Tell us, haunt us, speak to us,
Make us feel again your times of greatness,
Your moments of secret celebrations,
Your guarded crowds against the night sky,
Massed and silent in this bordered glen.
Whisper to us of ancestors on the run, of death, treachery and a sorrowing people.
Cross the centuries of cosy churches and warm comforting liturgies,
And rekindle in us the excitement of “ making it”
Cold, but undiscovered to this bleak, unseen and hallowed Rock.
Remember with us other rocks of Calvary, Stonehenge, Carnac, Proleek  and Ayres
And the generations walking, plodding and stumbling there.
And now we wipe the gathering moss and lichen from your cold face
Once more remembering.
Be the steady rock in all our meanderings, the strength of all our wanderings,
The still point on all our journeyings,
and the Rock of peace in our troubled land.

Below are some images of the many mass rocks scattered throughout the Irish countryside.

From Méabh NíUallacháin’s recently published book, Precious Moments we offer two poems. for reflection. An excerpt from her poem Bright April Morning  reminds us of the hope of Spring and The Mass Rock at Glendesha brings us to reflect on the sad parallel we could find between today’s pandemic closed churches and the Ireland of penal times. when the mass was outlawed and people and priest met in secret to celebrate the mass at a mass rock in the countryside.

Bright April morn
Dreams of Spring now dawning.
Fresh newness awakening
From nights dark womb.
Consolation with the sun’s light
An urge to give, receive its warmth.
An hour here, an hour there.
‘My light’ dimmed from nights dark journeying.
Are the early April days still bright in love’s sweet memory ?
Can I live the day with flickering wonderings ?

The Mass Rock in Glendesha

Magheracloone, Co Monaghan

Derrynafinchin, Co Cork

Slievenamon Co Tipperary

Tuberpatrick Co Fermanagh.

                         Poetry from Méabh’s Precious Moments

Glendesha Mass Rock Co Armagh

Glendesha Mass Rock Co Armagh

The family of Sisters Olivia and Christian Keogh and their St Louis community thank you most sincerely for the support and kindness they received.  Your many expressions of sympathy  are gratefully acknowledged. Thank-you for your attendance at her funeral Mass and for the masses offered for the happy repose of her soul. May she rest in peace. In appreciation, mass has been offered for your intentions.

Mary and Caitriona Gibbons greatly appreciate all your messages of sympathy and your prayers on the recent death of their brother Michael.